Postdeadline submission of Abstract (poster only)

We additionally accept abstracts for poster presentation until August 15, 2017. Postdeadline submissions are not an opportunity to submit an abstract after the deadline, but are intended to provide those with late-breaking work an opportunity to submit that work for consideration. Postdeadline submissions should describe new and significant material in rapidly advancing areas. A limited number of postdeadline submissions will be selected for poster presentation, and only those papers judged to be truly excellent and compelling in their timeliness will be accepted.

Please read the instruction below and submit abstracts via Abstract submission system. In this postdeadline submission period, one delegate is allowed to submit one abstract. If one delegate has already submitted two abstracts in the former period, however, he/she cannot submit abstract any more. In the submission system, please choose “poster” for presentation preference. Please note even if you select “oral” or “Either”, it will not be reflected. Oral presentation slots have been fixed.

Call for Abstract (closed)

Abstract within one page (A4) must be submitted electronically by March 15, 2017 March 19, 2017.

Acceptance of an abstract for presentation will be based on a rigorous review. Abstracts that fall outside the scope of the conference, or describe previously reported results, or do not demonstrate a high standard will be rejected.

One delegate is allowed to submit up to two abstracts regardless of their topics.Please note, however, you might be asked to reduce the number of your presentation to one, in case we receive too many applications, as the poster space is limited.

Submissions by graduate students describing their work will be encouraged. The accepted abstracts will be distributed at the conference in a USB memory stick.

Abstract format

You are requested to use the ICFRM-18 abstract template to submit the abstract. Please download the template from here.

The requested file format to submit the abstract is PDF file. Please be sure to convert the file to PDF before submission. Please read the instruction written in the template for more detail.

Abstract Submission System

To submit your abstract, please use the online abstract submission system from here.


To input the category of your research in the abstract submission system, you have to select one from the pull-down menu of category abbreviations. Please refer to the topics via "SCOPE and TOPICS" tab on the left to check which category these abbreviations stand for.

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