Aomori city has good accessibility by air and train (Shinkansen) from Tokyo.

Aomori also has abundant nature, unique historical sites/events and local cuisine. Most of the city's accommodations and facilities are within walking distance. Tourist organizations will help with room reservation.

Connections to Aomori

Connections to Aomori

* Information of access to airports

Connections to Aomori

The city of Aomori

The city of Aomori

Bus information

Conference Bus

On the way back to hotels from Welcome Reception on 5th November, buses will be provided form Warasse to the stops at Hotel Sunroute Aomori, Aomori Washington Hotel, Hotel Crown Palace Aomori and Hotel Aomori. Also after Conference Dinner at the evening of 9th November, buses will be provided from Hotel Aomori to the stops at Hotel Crown Palace Aomori, Aomori Washington Hotel and Hotel Sunroute Aomori and Hotel Route Inn Aomori Ekimae.

Shuttle bus will be available between WA-RASSE and Link Station Hall Aomori at the daytime during the conference. (The detail schedule and route will be provided on-site.)

Aomori city bus (Aomori Sta. ⇔ Linkstationhall Aomori)

Please take a bus from number 2 bus station in front of Aomori Sta. and get off at Bunkakaikan-mae (7th stop). It takes about 8 minutes and costs JPY190. Before Bunkakaikan-mae, the bus stops at NTT-aomori-shiten-mae. After it departs the previous stop, there is announcement “Next stop is Bunkakaikan-mae” in Japanese.

How to get on City bus

Please get on from the middle door of the bus and take a ticket from the ticket machine.

If you notice the next-stop-announcement, please push the button on the walls/ceiling of the bus. After the bus stops at the bus stop you want to get off, go to the front part of the bus and pay the fee (throw in coins to the slot together with the ticket).and get off the bus from the front door. If you do not have exact amount of coins and need changes, please ask the driver before you throw in coins for help. He/she will change money so that you can pay the exact fee. However, JPY10,000 bill and JPY5,000 bill cannot be changed in the bus.

Please refer to “How to use Aomori City Bus” prepared by Aomori city.

How to use Aomori City Bus (pdf file)

City bus information is available at Aomori City booth on the 1st floor of the venue during the conference.


JR bus (Aomori Airport ⇔ Aomori Sta.)

Aomori Airport ⇒ Aomori Station

If you take an airplane to Aomori, you can take JR bus to Aomori Sta. (downtown).

Please take a JR bus from number 4 bus station. It takes about 35 minutes and costs JPY700 to Aomori Sta. When you take a bus from airport to station, please pay the fee as you get off the bus.

Aomori Sta. ⇒ Aomori Airport.

When you go to Aomori airport from Aomori station, please buy a ticket by the ticket vending machine in front of the station in advance. Please take a bus from number 11 bus station in front of Information center. Use the front door as you get on/off the bus.


JR bus information is available at Aomori City booth on the 1st floor of the venue during the conference.


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