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Time Table (PDF)

Time Table


ICFRM-18 Oral Presentations (FINAL) as of 15th October, 2017

General information for speakers:

Keynote, Plenary, Invited and Oral presentations are given at the Main Lecture Hall on the 1st floor and Sub Lecture Hall on the 5th floor. All talks must be held in electronic format (CD or USB) in Power Point or Adobe pdf format. Speakers must deposit the presentation file to the file registration desk (see the map in "CONFERENCE VENUE") and it must be done by the day before the talk is given. The file needs to be checked for viruses and the presenter shall check his/her presentation on the monitor of the file registration desk. Computers for presentations at the lecture halls are all windows PCs. Especially, a Mac user is strongly recommended to check your presentation. There is no possibility to use your own laptop PC for presentations at the conference. Presentations on Monday need to be deposited as early as possible but must at latest be transferred during the session break prior to the individual session.

Poster Sessions


ICFRM-18 Poster Presentations (FINAL) as of 18th October, 2017

Poster Panel

Poster Panels are H2100 x W900 (mm) each and posters are to be tacked by push pins on them.

There is no special format for posters as long as they fit within the above mentioned poster panels.

General information for presenters:

Poster presentations are given at the Foyer on the 2nd and 3rd floors. The poster boards in each poster session are numbered. Please display the poster in the morning of your poster session at the corresponding position. Material for fixation will be provided at the designated position. Please stay at your poster for at least one hour. If your poster has an even number, be there for the first half, if it has an odd number, be there for the second half of the poster session. Please remove the poster after the session. The posters should not be larger than the size of 0.9×2.1 square meters, portrait format. A poster size of ISO A0 size in portrait format (841 mm width x 1189 mm height) is recommended.

Printing Poster in Aomori

There is a printing service shop “MBE (MAIL BOXES ETC.)” close to the Link Station Hall Aomori. Color printing fee for A0 poster is JPY5,400 (Normal paper), JPY7,921 (Gloss paper). It will take more than half day to receive printed poster. When you bring data to the shop, pdf file is recommended. No English service is available via phone or e-mail.


We recommend presenters to bring printed poster with you and use the printing service complementarily or only in emergency.

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